Perfered way to install Planetplanet

Jared Nyland jnyland at
Wed May 24 14:14:23 EST 2006

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the help on this.  I now have bazaar installed, where is the best
place to pull the latest planet code from?

Thanks again

On 5/23/06, Jeff Waugh <jdub at> wrote:
> <quote who=3D"Jared Nyland">
> > I am working on installing planetplanet and have done so by using the
> > nightlybuilds from  I was wondering if this is the
> > perfered way of installing it or if there is another way I should
> install
> > it to make sure I have all the updates needed.
> Yeah, right now, the best way to install Planet is to grab the nightlies
> and
> follow the instructions in the INSTALL file. Once you've done that, you
> can
> update it - even if you grabbed the tarball! - with bzr. Just 'bzr pull'
> in
> the planet directory.
> > Also is there a FAQ that can help with these types of questions.
> Not outside the tarball, which is something I should rectify. The INSTALL
> file in the tarball is very useful, though.
> Thanks,
> - Jeff
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