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Brian Aker brian at tangent.org
Fri May 12 07:34:21 EST 2006


I've been running http://planetasterisk.org/ for a few months, but I  
had a recent problem with a site that had a feed that was being  
parsed poorly (there is a recent conversation in the archives where  
this problem was talked about). Upgrading solved that, but now I have  
a problem that "keyword" is no longer working for my site. Here is a  
bit of my config.ini:

name = Asterisk VoIP News
keyword = asterisk

name = Brian Aker
keyword = asterisk

name = Tom Keating
keyword = asterisk

 From the front page of the site you can see that this is no longer  
working. Any thoughts?


Brian "Krow" Aker, brian at tangent.org
Seattle, Washington
You can't grep a dead tree.

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