Planet Carleton

Baz brian.ewins at
Thu May 4 08:24:45 EST 2006

On 5/3/06, Matt Bockol <mbockol at> wrote:
> Rather than have
> the full entries, though, we've opted to clip them at a certain word
> count.  Our CMS is doing the clipping and it's a fairly expensive
> process (because I don't want to clip in the middle of embedded HTML
> tags).
> I'd be game to add it if it wasn't there already, but it would mean
> teaching myself Python, whereas I could whip up the Perl script in about
> 10 minutes :)  Anyone know if this is built in somewhere already?  I
> might give Python a whack if someone could provide some pointers where
> to begin in the existing code.

I posted some code for this when the issue last came up:
its not ready to drop right in but it's a place to start.


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