Planet Carleton

Matt Bockol mbockol at
Thu May 4 05:04:56 EST 2006

Hi Folks,

We've set up a planet of faculty, student, alumni, and campus new feeds =

and it's been warmly received ( ).  =

We're actually using the planet-generated rss20.xml feed to redisplay =

entries in our home grown content management system.  Rather than have =

the full entries, though, we've opted to clip them at a certain word =

count.  Our CMS is doing the clipping and it's a fairly expensive =

process (because I don't want to clip in the middle of embedded HTML =

tags).  As more blogs get added this is making our code fairly slow so I =

was about to create a perl script to rewrite the rss20.xml file to clip =

the entries.  I'd run that every time I updated the planet.  Then I =

thought, maybe this belongs (or already exists) in the planet code itself?

I'd be game to add it if it wasn't there already, but it would mean =

teaching myself Python, whereas I could whip up the Perl script in about =

10 minutes :)  Anyone know if this is built in somewhere already?  I =

might give Python a whack if someone could provide some pointers where =

to begin in the existing code.

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