Personal aggregator and Atom 1.0 support?

Jeff Waugh jdub at
Wed Apr 19 21:52:31 EST 2006

<quote who="Sam Ruby">

> I'm thinking of trying out PlanetPlanet for use as my personal aggregator.
> I do know a little something about Python and syndication feed formats, so
> I believe I can help.
> Any changes I make, I will make available, and you will be free to
> incorporate, adapt, or reject.  However, I am *not* interested in
> maintaining a fork, so I need to know if there is interest.

Always. You'd be best off maintaining feature branches in bzr, and pinging
the list when you have something cool to share.

> In particular, my feed does not show up properly in PlanetApache: there
> are problems with titles and links.  In general, it appears that Atom 1.0
> support is not quite there yet, presumably because PlanetPlanet is based
> on a backlevel version of Mark Pilgrim's FeedParser.
> I see that a patch was sent to this list over two weeks ago [1], can
> anybody tell me the status of that?

I wrote a similar patch when looking at the latest feedparser, but decided
not to integrate it because Planet could do with some bigger changes if we
upgrade... That said, there has been a fair amount of demand for Atom 1.0
support, so with another patch posted, I think it's probably time to suck it
up and worry about further plans later on. :-)

> After that, my interests may take me to adding 'access key' support like
> bloglines has, which enable one to jump around via the keyboard or towards
> passing Jacques's "tortue tests" [2] which enable things like SVG and
> MathML, but require rigorous conformance to xhtml.
> Access keys likely will template only changes, so if these aren't
> accepted, no biggie, but Atom 1.0 and XHTML support is more likely to
> involve the core.  XHTML support could be an option.

Pretty sure I'd accept access key love in the fancy template without batting
an eyelid - go for it!

XHTML shouldn't be too hard. Once we have the new version of feedparser, I
imagine we'll see way more use of the html tidy backends. I'll bubble up an
option to use/choose them into config.ini. Then it'll just be a matter of
making sure the default templates are XHTML clean (I guess I'd be happy to
accept a special XHTML template too, if that's necessary).

A couple of weeks ago, Mary Gardiner started a branch of Planet to add some
unit tests and hopefully start some refactoring and tidying up. Might be
worth tracking her work. How's that going, Mary?


- Jeff

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