Personal aggregator and Atom 1.0 support?

Sam Ruby rubys at
Wed Apr 19 21:34:37 EST 2006

I'm thinking of trying out PlanetPlanet for use as my personal
aggregator.  I do know a little something about Python and syndication
feed formats, so I believe I can help.

Any changes I make, I will make available, and you will be free to
incorporate, adapt, or reject.  However, I am *not* interested in
maintaining a fork, so I need to know if there is interest.

In particular, my feed does not show up properly in PlanetApache: there
are problems with titles and links.  In general, it appears that Atom
1.0 support is not quite there yet, presumably because PlanetPlanet is
based on a backlevel version of Mark Pilgrim's FeedParser.

I see that a patch was sent to this list over two weeks ago [1], can
anybody tell me the status of that?

After that, my interests may take me to adding 'access key' support like
bloglines has, which enable one to jump around via the keyboard; or
towards passing Jacques's "tortue tests" [2] which enable things like
SVG and MathML, but require rigorous conformance to xhtml.

Access keys likely will template only changes, so if these aren't
accepted, no biggie, but Atom 1.0 and XHTML support is more likely to
involve the core.  XHTML support could be an option.

- Sam Ruby


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