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Interesting. Is it published anywhere?

Mary Gardiner wrote:

>On Tue, Apr 11, 2006, Steve Milner wrote:
>  =

>>Yes ... and no. Say an aggregater pings Technorati, it will end up =

>>adding the post(s) from the aggrogater. Now, if the blogs themselves are =

>>pinging, and the aggro pings then it could pollute .... of course it =

>>could just be a configuration item in planet that turns pinging on ...
>>    =

>I did, for a while, have a patch against 0.2 that pinged when there were
>new posts (it also only generated the files when there were new posts,
>which is handy because they can be more easily cached by readers'
>proxies that way). I tended not to regard it as pollution because:
> - most of my users did not ping themselves
> - the site was in many ways more than the sum of its parts, that is,
>   many people wanted to know that it was updated (via blogrolling or
>   Technorati) who did not care so much when individuals updated
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