Pinging From Planet

Mary Gardiner mary-planet at
Wed Apr 12 07:56:39 EST 2006

On Tue, Apr 11, 2006, Steve Milner wrote:
> Yes ... and no. Say an aggregater pings Technorati, it will end up 
> adding the post(s) from the aggrogater. Now, if the blogs themselves are 
> pinging, and the aggro pings then it could pollute .... of course it 
> could just be a configuration item in planet that turns pinging on ...

I did, for a while, have a patch against 0.2 that pinged when there were
new posts (it also only generated the files when there were new posts,
which is handy because they can be more easily cached by readers'
proxies that way). I tended not to regard it as pollution because:

 - most of my users did not ping themselves
 - the site was in many ways more than the sum of its parts, that is,
   many people wanted to know that it was updated (via blogrolling or
   Technorati) who did not care so much when individuals updated


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