Version 1.0?

Jeff Waugh jdub at
Wed May 31 07:14:43 EST 2006

<quote who="Dethe Elza">

> From the mailing list I can't tell if version 1.0 has been released yet or
> not. I'm trying to get PlanetPython to update their version of the Planet
> to support Atom 1.0 (so my feed will get picked up), but Andrew Kuchling,
> who maintains that planet, does not want to update to anything but an
> official release.  On the other hand, the source for PlanetPython has the
> line:
> <meta name="generator" content="Planet/1.0 +">
> which sure looks like 1.0 to me. Are pre-released versions advertising
> 1.0, or is there some other reason why Atom 1.0 feeds might be broken?

Unfortunately, I erroneously slapped 1.0 on a pre-release. I'm a bad person.
:-) The 1.0 release will be out "any day now" (yeah, yeah, "RSN").

- Jeff

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