channel messages (was: I think I'm done now...)

Sam Ruby rubys at
Wed May 3 22:22:25 EST 2006

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Sam Ruby">
>>added an optional (and, by default, off) feature for identifying feeds
>>that haven't been updating
> I quite like this feature having turned it on for Planet GNOME [1]. However,
> there ought to be some distinction between error states and normal messages,
> so that frontends/templates can report them differently. I figure this will
> come in handy down the track, too.
> What do you think about having both channel 'message' and channel 'error'?
> If anyone has other ideas about how to do this neatly, let me know. I'm most
> interested in making the interface kind/useful/flexible for frontend and
> template authors... One of the coolest things about Planet is its ease of
> adaptation. :-)

I'm concerned that index.html.tmpl will become an unmaintainable morass

A less flexible, but perhaps easier to deal with, alternative might be
to add a msgclass variable, which templates can use simply by saying:

  class="<TMPL_VAR msgclass>"

msgclass could be things like http-status, inactive-feed, etc...

- Sam Ruby

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