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Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Wed May 3 16:36:51 EST 2006

<quote who="Sam Ruby">

> added an optional (and, by default, off) feature for identifying feeds
> that haven't been updating

I quite like this feature having turned it on for Planet GNOME [1]. However,
there ought to be some distinction between error states and normal messages,
so that frontends/templates can report them differently. I figure this will
come in handy down the track, too.

What do you think about having both channel 'message' and channel 'error'?

If anyone has other ideas about how to do this neatly, let me know. I'm most
interested in making the interface kind/useful/flexible for frontend and
template authors... One of the coolest things about Planet is its ease of
adaptation. :-)

- Jeff

[1] http://planet.gnome.org/

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