bzr [Was: Personal aggregator and Atom 1.0 support?]

Baz brian.ewins at
Fri Apr 21 19:56:00 EST 2006

On 4/19/06, Jeff Waugh <jdub at> wrote:
> Cool. I'm looking forward to bzr 0.8 - it's going to be a rocking release,
> substantially better than any previous version. Lots of performance fixes,
> comfort/usability enhancements, and love.
> :-)
> - Jeff

Indeed. It turns out you'll need 0.8 to get hold of the planet code on
windows, its still suffering from arch filename wierdness; but the
good folks on the bzr lists explained the solution. For those playing
at home, the magic to get the branch under cygwin with 0.8 is:
$ bzr init --format knit planet
$ cd planet
$ bzr pull

This creates a knit-format branch instead of weave-format; knit is
bleeding edge and not the default yet, so only the adventurous or the
unlucky-enough-to-be-on-windows should try it.
NB those instructions don't work with the 0.8 rc available for
download today, you'll hit an assertion error. You need the
development branch, or wait a day or two for the fixes to appear.


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