Personal aggregator and Atom 1.0 support?

Sam Ruby rubys at
Fri Apr 21 00:05:44 EST 2006

Jeff Waugh wrote:
>>In particular, my feed does not show up properly in PlanetApache: there
>>are problems with titles and links.  In general, it appears that Atom 1.0
>>support is not quite there yet, presumably because PlanetPlanet is based
>>on a backlevel version of Mark Pilgrim's FeedParser.
>>I see that a patch was sent to this list over two weeks ago [1], can
>>anybody tell me the status of that?
> I wrote a similar patch when looking at the latest feedparser, but decided
> not to integrate it because Planet could do with some bigger changes if we
> upgrade... That said, there has been a fair amount of demand for Atom 1.0
> support, so with another patch posted, I think it's probably time to suck it
> up and worry about further plans later on. :-)

I've applied the patch along with including the latest feed parser, and
everything looks fine on a sampling of Atom 1.0 feeds that I have tried
it with:

Looking back in the archives, it appears that not only was the Feed
Parser backlevel, but it also has had a patch applied from time to time.

It seems to me that:

(1) Test cases need to be captured so that upgrades don't cause a

(2) Bug reports need to be fed back to the Feed Parser in the hopes of
    making the upgrade process as new releases are made even easier.

- Sam Ruby

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