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Chris Dolan chris at
Wed Apr 19 23:54:02 EST 2006

[Note: I originally posted this patch to the list in January, but  
looking at the archives, it appears to have been lost.  Spam filter  
error perhaps?]

Currently, planet allows positive or negative regex matches on the  
title and content fields via the "filter" and "exclude" directives.   
Attached is a patch (against jdub at 
devel--1.0--patch-20) that offers more control over the fields you  
can filter on.  For example, I'd like to say:

filter = language =~ /^en/
          author =~ /Chris/
exclude = title =~ /foo/
           any =~ /spam/

The syntax allows line continuations to permit more than one filter.   
Note that the "=~" and the "/" delimeters trigger the new syntax.  If  
they aren't found, then the old syntax is assumed (that is, the whole  
value is a regexp that applies to content and title).  The possible  
keywords are any of the properties of the NewsItem class, namely: any  
(which means just title+content right now), title, link, summary,  
content, author, category, etc.

The complete syntax is:

    keyword := [a-z]+
    pattern := *
    match   := keyword \s* =~ \s* /pattern/ | pattern
    filter  := match ( \n \s* match )*


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P.S. the NewsItem class currently does not support the "language"  
property, which is used in the example above.  This appears to be an  
oversight.  If it existed, I would use it to filter multi-lingual  
blog feeds to show just the posts that I can read.  I'd be thrilled  
if someone else would improve NewsItem to support <dc:language> tags  
in <item> entries, as shown in this example RSS: 

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