Failed, to load custom properties

Shervin Asgari shervin at
Mon Apr 10 18:44:46 EST 2006

Hello. I am encountering problems when running build tests and build 
rebuild tests.
I get the following error:

    [sql] 106 of 106 SQL statements executed successfully
    [junit] Running
    [junit] 10.apr.2006 10:39:02 java.util.jar.Attributes read
    [junit] WARNING: Duplicate name in Manifest: Class-Path
    [junit] 2006-04-10 10:39:02,896 WARN org.roller.config.RollerConfig 
- failed
 to load custom properties from 

The path 
C:\Programfiler\Perforce\api\applications\main\roller\roller-src\ is my 
workspace and obviously the path 
$workspace\.\build\tests\ does not exist. I need 
to eliminate the current path "." and then it should be able to work. I 
have looked in the build.xml file, but I cannot seem to find where to 
locate this problem.
NOTE: All the business and presentation tests fail, it is not only this one.

Kind Regards Shervin Asgari

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