Trouble with dupes in Serendipity feeds

John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Fri Apr 7 07:18:53 EST 2006


My blog [1] appears on  When I switched to
Serendipity from Drupal, I started having troubles with my posts
appearing multiple times in Planet.  I pointed it at the new RSS 2.0
feed URL (Drupal also was giving it an RSS 2.0 feed), and for awhile
every time a new comment appeared on a post, Planet would consider it to
be a new post.  With the help from a Serendipity developer, I narrowed
this problem down to Planet mis-handling <slash:comments> [2].

However, there is still a problem.  Planet is still duplicating my posts
on occasion, and what's more, new posts are sometimes not showing up.

I have inspected the feed [3] my blog is dishing out, and just can't
find any problems.

Would someone be able to help me track down the remaining trouble?


-- John Goerzen


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