Question regarding the encoding in planet

Baz brian.ewins at
Wed Apr 5 23:18:33 EST 2006

(aaagh sent this offlist again)

I think you mean ISO-8859-15 these days:
... since otherwise you can't display the Euro symbol.

However: what exactly are the problems you're seeing with UTF-8? Are
you sure the problem isn't that the pages are encoded in UTF-8, but
that the webserver is presenting them as being encoded in some other
charset? Take a read of this:

If your planet and its feeds are available in public it would help to
post urls so that we can diagnose if your problem lies in the way your
planet is served up, planet itself, or is a problem with the feeds.

On 4/5/06, Shervin Asgari <shervin at> wrote:
> Hello. We have now decided to use planet in our blog system, but the
> problem is that UTF-8 has problems with the norwegian language. Is there
> a way to use ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF-8?
> I cannot see a "easy" way of doing this.
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