Avoiding feed truncation

Michel Klijmij michel at klijmij.net
Wed May 31 20:44:35 EST 2006

> On Tue, May 30, 2006 at 10:56:37PM -0400, Pranam Kolari wrote:
>> I am using Planet for an aggregation as listed here --
>> http://memeta.umbc.edu/planet/blogspam/
>> My feed is being truncated. Is there any specific tuneable parameter
>> that can eliminate this?
>> I  am using the nightly version of planet, dowloaded on May 28th.
> Check the new_feed_items setting in config.ini

I don't think that's what he means. He means that his posts only show up
partially. As they seem to be in full in the feed, check in the template which
code is used. To show the full post, there must be a line like
"<TMPL_VAR content>", instead of "<TMPL_VAR summary>".


Michel Klijmij

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