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Marco Barisione barisione at
Mon May 15 23:30:54 EST 2006

I'm using planet with an Italian locale but the correct locale name has =

different names on different installations of python. It is =

"it_IT.UTF-8" on my laptop (debian unstable), "it_IT.UTF-8 at euro" on the =

server (debian testing) and just "it" on Windows.

This is a problem because I can't use the same config.ini on these =

machines without obtaining a locale.Error exception.

In tha attached patch locale becomes a list of locales separated by ";", =

planet will use the first available locale.

So in my case i can use:
   locale =3D it_IT.UTF-8;it_IT.UTF-8 at euro;it_IT;it
or (if I want a generated page even if Italian is not available):
   locale =3D it_IT.UTF-8;it_IT.UTF-8 at euro;it_IT;it;C

-- =

Marco Barisione
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