request for patch

Mary Gardiner mary-planet at
Thu May 4 12:00:12 EST 2006

On Thu, May 04, 2006, byron wrote:
> a patch was posted to the list by marius gedminas that introduced a id_hash property of items.
> what's the correct process to get it integrated into planet-nightly?

Best would be to use Bazaar, make a branch, apply the patch, add some
unit tests and ask for a merge. You can learn about Bazaar at

Second best would be to make sure the patch applies against the current
nightly, and file a bug at
and attach the patch.

Third best would be to file the bug without checking that the patch

"Best" here is in order of:
 - chances of having it applied
 - chances of having it applied quickly

Small sizes help too, I haven't looked at the original link but that
doesn't sound like a huge change.


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