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Sam Ruby rubys at
Wed May 3 22:00:40 EST 2006

Mary Gardiner wrote:
> I've been executing the test suite under planet/tests by doing this:
> $ cd [branch]
> $ trial planet
> trial is the Twisted test suite runner, and it finds the tests directory
> and excecutes as appropriate. This has two nice features: colourful
> error reporting, and no need for a custom PYTHONPATH.
> This is all very nice, but it's more traditional to make the tests
> directly executable. Thus, this branch.
> It should apply directly after


Not as colorful, but try placing the following into

import glob, trace, unittest

# find all of the planet test modules
modules = map(trace.fullmodname, glob.glob('planet/tests/test_*.py'))

# load all of the tests into a suite
suite = unittest.TestLoader().loadTestsFromNames(modules)

# run test suite

- Sam Ruby

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