tests (was: Running on Windows)

Sam Ruby rubys at intertwingly.net
Tue Apr 25 10:51:55 EST 2006

Baz wrote:
> On 4/24/06, Sam Ruby <rubys at intertwingly.net> wrote:
>>Here's what I used:
> Superb. Thats it exactly. I'm forgetting of course that we also have
> this upstream:
> http://feedparser.org/tests/wellformed/
> ... which ought to cover everything planet can do (since if planet has
> a problem with a feed, it probably needs a feedreader test case
> anyway)

To be clear, I've had to make a number of changes to planet to get near
to that point.  And I am still making changes, though mostly in
templates at this point.  (I did make a change to __init__ today, but it
was more of a feedparser integration issue than a test case).

And I've had to make change to feedparser.  Two so far.  Bug reports,
test cases, and patche have been provided for each.  And the changes are
in my bzr repository.

And there are tests that the feedparser doesn't pass.  Look at the last
entry on this page:


Finally, not all of the feedparser test cases are suitable for planet.
Some are feeds with only a title element, for example.  ids are often
omitted or duplicated.

- Sam Ruby

P.S.  Don't take any of the above as complaints.  None of this has been
terribly hard.  It actually has been fun.  Planet is well written.  I
especially like the logging and thought given to options like "-o".

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