Planet and quotes

Jens Axel Søgaard jensaxel at
Tue Apr 25 03:43:52 EST 2006

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Jens Axel Søgaard">
>>In Scheme source single quotes are common. And it seems the Planet
>>software is keen on inserting newlines after quotes.
> Are you using Planet from the 0.2 or 1.0 branch? Try downloading the nightly
> tarball and seeing if that works.

The source of



    <meta name="generator" content="Planet/1.0~pre1

is that new enough?

I should probably note that the source HTML
from <> is

<div class="scheme"><pre>(<span class="keyword">define</span> <span 
class="variable">distinct</span><br />  (<span 
class="keyword">lambda</span> (<span class="variable">x1</span> <span 
class="variable">x2</span> <span class="variable">x3</span> <span 
class="variable">x4</span> <span class="variable">x5</span>)<br /> 
(<span class="keyword">let</span> ([<span class="variable">xs</span> 
(<span class="builtin">list</span> <span class="variable">x1</span> 
<span class="variable">x2</span> <span class="variable">x3</span> <span 
class="variable">x4</span> <span class="variable">x5</span>)])<br /> 
   (<span class="variable">all</span><br />       (<span 
class="variable">membero</span> <span class="keyword">'</span><span 
class="variable">omega</span> <span class="variable">xs</span>)<br /> 
     (<span class="variable">membero</span> <span 
class="keyword">'</span><span class="variable">blade</span> <span 
class="variable">xs</span>)<br />       (<span 
class="variable">membero</span> <span class="keyword">'</span><span 
class="variable">gcross</span> <span

all without newlines. Since a <pre> tag is used it is important
that no extra newlines are introduced.

At <> there are extra newlines inserted,
which causes the line breaks.

Jens Axel Søgaard

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