Personal aggregator and Atom 1.0 support?

Marius Gedminas mgedmin at
Thu Apr 20 02:36:34 EST 2006

On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 07:34:37AM -0400, Sam Ruby wrote:
> I'm thinking of trying out PlanetPlanet for use as my personal
> aggregator.  I do know a little something about Python and syndication
> feed formats, so I believe I can help.
> After that, my interests may take me to adding 'access key' support like
> bloglines has, which enable one to jump around via the keyboard; or
> towards passing Jacques's "tortue tests" [2] which enable things like
> SVG and MathML, but require rigorous conformance to xhtml.

I've been using Planet as my personal aggregator for quite a while:

I've added some Javascript for navigating around with the keyboard, and
also manually collapsing old entries and storing their IDs in a cookie.
It works for me in Firefox and mostly works in Opera on the Nokia 770
Internet Tabled.  There are also unit tests for most of the Javascript

I made a small patch for Planet to get short and unique entry IDs to the
template, because browsers have a cookie size limit.  Tell me if you're
interested, and I'll make the code available somewhere.  (I'd like to
get that patch accepted into upstream, probably after the Dapper release
when Jeff hopefully will have some time to look at Planet patches.)

> Access keys likely will template only changes, so if these aren't
> accepted, no biggie, but Atom 1.0 and XHTML support is more likely to
> involve the core.  XHTML support could be an option.
> - Sam Ruby

Marius Gedminas
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